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The cleaning services

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Window cleaning

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Apartment cleaning

Moving cleaning

The personalized cleaning planner

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The basis of good resource planning and efficient order processing are clear, easily understandable and optimized work plans. The work plans can be created with the list and adapted to customer requirements.


Simply create a personalized and optimized cleaning plan.

Do you need help with the list processing?


We would be glad to help you create your personal cleaning planner.


Clean-4estate.ch GmbH implemented this solution in the entire process.




The big advantage is that the household can be taken up quickly and easily with the desired cleaning and intervals. The list already includes a large data set for every area in the house.

Most of it is done by selecting the individual positions and intervals.

Changes to the cleaning process are also possible in the same way.

Additional requests can easily be recorded.


Our customer service will be delighted to provide a tailor made quotation.

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Clean and reasonable apartment cleaning by subscription. Book cleanings online.

Move out cleaning with acceptance guarantee for a timely and clean handover.

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Clean-4estate.ch cleans apartments professionally and reliably. Enjoy a perfectly clean home without effort. Your reliable cleaning service for private homes.

The booking advantages 

Booking advantages included in every cleaning order

     Price guarantee on the described services. You book without hidden further costs 

     Liability insurance as described in terms and conditions 

     Payment options such as invoice, credit card, cash, EC, Maestro

     Email and SMS confirmations of the appointments 

     Appointment changes online via your received link or by phone until 24h before appointment 

     Order confirmation with all details and prices will be sent directly after booking 

     The booking is made via a secure connection as well as our website 

     Security The payment will be debited after the appointment has been checked by us 

     Telephone support on further matters 

Clean-4estate.ch will do any cleaning efficient and reliably.

Cleaning is a matter of trust. Finally, we enter your private rooms. But be sure to rely on us, because we not only guarantee you cleanliness, but also reliability and honesty.

Send your inquiry, we create a indivual offer for a complete apartment cleaning, relocation cleaning or just for individual areas that need to be cleaned.